Marcin Jaskuła
Marcin is a graduate of International Business Management at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School and Chinese Studies at Tsinghua University in Beijing. He began his career at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland with postings to London, Washington D.C. and Beijing. After leaving the government he founded Sino-Pol Group, a professional consultancy firm offering complex advisory services for polish enterprises operating in chinese speaking countries. Six years ago Marcin co-founded the first japanese ramen-bar in Poland and currently expands his restaurant business. In spare time he provides his insights into political and business affairs to polish and international media outlets.
dr Kohei Yagi (PhD)
Director of the Technology Department
Kohei is a graduate of Life Science Department at Kyushu Tokai University and doctorate studies (PhD) in cytogenetics at Warsaw University of Life Sciences. He specializes in functional biotechnology in Food & Beverage category. Kohei is also a renowned ramen chef in Poland (Uki Uki, Uki Green) and a restaurant consultant.
dr Jakub Urbański (PhD)
Director of Scientific Programmes Department
Jakub is a graduate of Faculty of Biology at University of Warsaw and doctorate studies (PhD) in molecular biology at Ultrecht University. He is the co-founder of HiProMine S.A. – a pioneer polish company specializing in an industrial scale production of insect proteins. Jakub is a specialist in the field of technology transfer and R&D project management. He sits on the board of International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology. Jakub is an experienced globetrotter (member of the Explorers Club and a New Guinea expert).
Michał Żukowski
Head of the Legal Department
Michał is a graduate of Faculty of Law and Administration and Faculty of Political Science and Journalism at University of Warsaw. He is the former Head of the Legal Department of National Centre for Research and Development. Michał is an expert of the World Bank in the field of technology transfer and legal aspects of commercialization of scientific projects. He is the founder and managing partner of INNTEO – a boutique legal firm specializing in complex advisory services for R&D projects and Venture Capital funds. Michał often appears in the media giving his insights into global start-up ecosystem.